What We Offer - Steep-Slope Metal Roofing Systems
Steep-slope roofs are generally defined as having a slope greater than 3″ rise in 12″ of horizontal distance. The slope increases the difficulty of application; detailing, maintaining watertight integrity, and aesthetics are often a key component. Firestone Metal Products Company offers a wide variety of metals, profiles, and colors to meet all of these challenges. In addition, many of our systems are eligible for a Red Shield warranty ranging from 5 to 25 years.

Architectural Systems - UNA-CLAD architectural systems are designed to act as cladding systems and require a substrate. Firestone offers a wide selection of profiles, metal types, colors and on center dimensions to meet your design criteria. Some profiles may be radiused for jobs requiring that special look. Our UC-3, UC-4, UC-6 and UC-14 panel systems are eligible to receive the Firestone Red Shield total system warranty when installed in accordance to specifications and details.

Structural Systems - UNA-CLAD structural systems can be mounted directly on purlins. The UC-6 panel is eligible for the Red Shield warranty when installed over a solid substrate. Firestone Metal Products Company will provide engineering assistance to help determine structural loading.

Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Metal Panels
Omega Series - High strength and economical, these tough panels can be used in both roof and wall applications.

Builtite I & II - An aesthetically pleasing low-profile panel for both roofing and wall applications.

UC 600 Series - UC 600 can be used as a finished roof decking and the UC 601 may be utilized on radiused or straight substrates.

Firestone's nationwide network of plants and customer service centers ensure on time delivery. For design assistance, color samples, details, and specifications, please contact us.

For all of these products we offer design, specification and detail assistance. We also provide complete shop drawings before installation to assure it works and fits right the first time.

To learn more or if you have an inquiry, please e-mail Eastern Architectural Representatives or call us at (800) 457-2661.

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