What We Offer - Low-Slope Roofing System

Choosing the membrane type for low-slope roofing requires many things to be considered:

  • Roof top usage
  • Wind uplift
  • Fire rating
  • Positive drainage
  • Chemical exposure
  • Building codes
  • Structural loading
  • Sustainability & reflectivity
  • Insurance requirements
  • Environmental and safety regulations

Firestone Building Products offers the most complete selection of low-slope membranes in the industry.
EPDM - This synthetic elastomeric membrane has been proving itself for over 40 years. Offered in both reinforced and unreinforced, EPDM can be used in ballasted, fully adhered, mechanically attached, and protected membrane systems. Its weatherability and low temperature flexibility make it the ideal choice for the most extreme climates. Platinum Brochure
TPO - Today's environmentally friendly choice when reflectivity is required for cooling savings as well as reducing the urban heat island effect. Strong heat welded seams allow for quick installation in mechanically attached or fully adhered systems. Platinum 30-year warranties are available.
MODIFIED BITUMEN - An asphalt-based system that is produced in the factory using today's technology to enhance asphalt's natural waterproofing capability and either polyester or fiberglass reinforcement to improve its strength. Red Shield warranties are available for up to 25 years.
BUR - The traditional roofing system proven by time. Firestone offers both Type IV and Type VI reinforcing felts as well as hybrid systems incorporating modified bitumen cap sheets. Red Shield warranties are available for up to 20 years.

Firestone Building Products offers both insulation and cover board for all Firestone roofing systems.

PolyISO: Firestone's ISO 95+ is a closed-cell fiberglass-faced polyisocyanurate insulation offered in both flat and tapered panels. ISO 95+ is manufactured in plants located across the United States which all meet the rigorous ISO 9002 standard.

  • ISO 95+ can be used in conjunction with any of Firestone's membrane or metal roofing systems.
  • ISO 95+ passes the most stringent fire and wind uplift tests conducted by Factory Mutual Global, Underwriters Laboratories, and Miami-Dade County.
  • ISO 95+ has the highest R-Value per inch of any commercial roof insulation.
  • Lightweight and easy to cut makes ISO 95+ a contractor favorite.
  • Its recycled content and energy savings ability help the building owner acquire LEED certification.
  • When used with Firestone roofing systems ISO 95+ is included in the total systems warranty.

Tapered Polyiso: 

Tapered ISO 95+ provides an effective and economical solution where substrate slope will not permit efficient drainage.

Eastern Architectural Representatives provides a variety of technical support services for the installation of tapered insulation through our Estimating Services Department backed by the Firestone Tapered Engineering Design Department.

Our Estimating Services Department uses the latest technology to offer architects, consultants, general contractors, distributors and roofing contractors a complete, accurate and timely engineered tapered system.  Our office is equipped with software that will handle or convert most digitally transmitted drawing formats as well as hard copy prints.

Additionally, Eastern Architectural Representatives offers architects and consultants a tapered design assist service. Through this service, we create a professional and effective tapered system design for any project prior to bid.  Eastern Architectural Representatives can provide field estimating services including roof area takeoff and laser level deck elevation conclusions.

Fascia & Coping Metal, ES-1 Compliant
In response to the 2003 International Building Code adoption of ANSI/SPRI ES-1 requirements for edge metal attachment, Firestone offers a selection of ES-1 tested edge metal systems to complement our roofing systems. These ES-1 tested systems ensure confidence in roof edge termination that is economical and compliant with today's code requirements. Available in steel and aluminum in a variety of gauges and finishes. Coping, gravel stop, drip edge, and accessories are available.

Metal Flat and Coil Stock
Firestone Metal Products UNA-CLAD supplies quality coil and flat stock material in a variety of sizes and metals. Standard colors and gauges can be found on www.unaclad.com. Firestone facilities are strategically located throughout the country to support our customers' needs with quick and efficient service. Service centers inventory steel and aluminum in a variety of gauges and finishes. Natural metals, such as copper and zinc, are available to support high-end architectural applications.

Soffit Panels
A variety of soffit panels comprise the UNA-CLAD product line. Most have the capability of being installed in both vertical or horizontal applications and come in a variety of materials and gauges. All soffit panels can be vented to provide air flow at the eaves of your building.

For all of these products we offer design, specification and detail assistance. We also provide complete shop drawings before installation to assure it works and fits right the first time.

We can assist in specifications, design, detail assistance, code compliance, and choosing the right contractor.

As Firestone promises, Nobody Covers You Better™.

As we promise, at Eastern Architectural Representatives—Providing Solutions!

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